Launch a digital customer engagement program on the blockchain within minutes

Access to First-Party Data

Data today is disaggregated across multiple platforms including marketing automation, payments, PoS, etc. Blockchain presents a single source of truth for data

Convert Customers into Brand Ambassadors

Convert customers into affiliate marketers who are incentivized to drive more awareness and sales


Consistent technology standards enable brands to launch joint membership programs with other accretive brands

Robust Analytics

Create insightful analytics around rewards redemption to enhance effectiveness of future programs

Personalized Rewards

Brands can understand individual customer purchasing behavior and tailor rewards to drive higher engagement

Customer Acquisition

Brands can acquire customers at a fraction of a cost vs. traditional acquisition methods

is a no-code platform for brands and creators to launch digital customer engagement programs on the blockchain

No-Code Platform

Launch programs and rewards with a few clicks of a button

Out-of-the-Box Integrations

Integrates within your native IT stack

Easy Onboarding Process

Customers can use socials and credit cards to claim memberships and rewards

Customizable Rewards

Brands can create unique rewards for specific membership status holders and implement token-gating features

Own the Customer Relationship

White-labeled platform lets brands own the customer experience without use of external applications

Using Campaign, customers receive better access to data, can create more personalized rewards to users and launch innovative programs that lead to higher LTV and long-term retention